About the Wise Family

Dream & DRA' Wise

Dream and DRA' Wise are two students of life, who grew in love through friendship and spiritual work. Their union has manifested an ever-expanding platform dedicated to learning and evolving through metaphysical and occult practices. The number one focus in their lives is the alchemy of self. They strive as master students to simply share their experiences of growth in this spiritual work. 

Dream and DRA' Wise are Metaphysician Spiritual Motivating Forever Student/ Teacher. They Specialize in Occult Sciences and How to make Spiritual work practical in your everyday lifestyle. The Number 1 focus Their lifestyle is being a Master Student as they have invested thousands of dollars in their learning from Classes like Alim El Bey, Brother Panic, and other sciences and practitioners.

Their Countless hours of experimenting and testing is a testament to them knowing the truth and seeking out truth no matter where it takes them.

The intense and physical, spiritual work leads them to their own Understanding and Light in this Realm.

They are Successful Prosperous business owners who sell Spiritual Tools to other like-minded individuals to embrace their Spiritual Work and Practices.

They have Three Strong, Powerful Chaos Kids who they Love more than life itself.