Master Student Conference 2.0

The Technology of the Gods

Watch and learn from the entire Master Student Conference that took place on June 6, 2022 (666)


Chaos Family

I really enjoyed the class. This class gave me a lot of good information to use on my spiritual journey. Not only did I learn about different techniques to use, but most importantly the type of mentality to have when doing my spiritual work. Both DRA' and Dream makes the information easy to understand. They both gave us their experiences using the different techniques discussed in class, which was very helpful in coming up with ways to use these techniques on my own spiritual journey. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone who is ready to take their spiritual game to another level. Thanks for everything both of you are doing and thanks for putting this class together,


Dream and Dra did an excellent job with this class. The way they teach and explain things is so simple and engaging that it made me excited to do the work. The amount of information you get for the price is nothing short of a blessing. I now feel more confident in my spirituality and I can't wait for the next class. Thanks again, Wise family! This was truly life-changing.  

-Paul the Charmer

I am so grateful for the Wises and their amazing knowledge. I learned so much more than I imagined I could over the last three days. I will be going back and re-watching the zoom calls and modules to stay up on my work. I recommend this class to anyone that is looking to make major shifts on their spiritual journey. 


DREAM and DRA offer some POWERFUL information for our UPLIFTMENT in their works. The BEST part is they do it in a FUN and EASY way for us to LEARN and UNDERSTAND. One MAJOR KEY that I've taken from this course is that we must always remember that HAPPINESS can EASILY be found by just LIVING and FULLJOYING being in the PRESENT MOMENT/THE NOW. The picture of the person with all the thoughts and worries that are going on next to the dog and child with their mind focused on just THE NOW will ALWAYS STICK IN MY MIND and bring me PEACE. TRUST THE PROCESS AND ALL THE WORK THAT IS DONE TO REPROGRAM AND ALIGN OUR VIBRATION/ENERGY/EMOTIONS, AND KNOWING THAT ALL THINGS ARE ALWAYS GOING TO WORK OUT! The assignments given to us were also a bonus and GREATLY BENEFICIAL. GIVE THANKS!

-Mike Doung

Firstly, I would like to give thanks and gratitude for this opportunity and space! I enjoyed every part of this course from the learning to the exercises, I especially enjoyed the Q&A because all questions were answered thoroughly. I absolutely needed this course, even though I already knew to do all of these things, taking this course gave me that extra push and motivation to take consistent action. I learned a lot of new information in just these 3 days, it was a lot but it wasn’t too much! Dream & DRA were both amazing teachers during this course they were extremely patient and thorough in their explanations of everything. If you’re new to your spiritual journey this course is PERFECT for you even if you’re advanced in your practice this course may dive deeper into the things you already know & practice. I am blessed to have been apart of the live lectures I always listen to them on YouTube but being in a closed space with them was a lot more intimate and the energy they gave off was pure love.! Moving forward I know that I am on the right path and if for some reason I fall off I know that I can come back to this course to give me that push to get back on track.